Member-Get-a-Member Program


Member-get-a-member graphicYou know that we are stronger, smarter, and more successful together. Help create an even more vibrant Association—invite your peers, colleagues, and staff to join AALL—through the AALL Member-Get-a-Member (MGAM) Program. The program empowers our members to serve as ambassadors, incentivizing recruitment efforts and increasing member engagement.

Participating is easy. After you establish a connection with a potential member, simply ask them to enter your name in the “Referred By:” field on the online or printable member application.


  • Receive one $15 Amazon gift card for each member recruited. The member with more than five members recruited during the AALL membership year will win a $250 Amazon gift card. In the case of more than one member having recruited at least five members, the top recruiter winner will be chosen randomly.
  • All recruiters receive website recognition—MGAM Leaderboard and a My Communities MGAM digital badge


  • A new member is defined as a person who has never been an AALL member or who has not had active membership within the past three years.
  • New members must identify referrers in the “Referred By” field on the member application.
  • The AALL membership year is used to determine the number of referrals per recruiter. Everything will reset on March 1 when membership renewals open.
  • There is no limit to the number of members that may be recruited by a member.
  • Leaderboard

    2024-2025 AALL Membership Year


    Carolyn Brown
    Marcia Burris
    John Cannan
    Lucy Curci-Gonzalez
    Betty Dykstra
    Sean Harrington
    Todd Hillmer
    Elfi Kwong
    Teresa Miguel-Stearns
    Laura Moorer
    Margaret Purdy
    Karen Sawatzky
    Leanna Simon
    Christy Smith
    Lillian Steuben
    Jill Strand
    Victoria Williamson

  • Tips on Recruiting New Members


    • Tell a Story. Share a time when AALL membership was essential to your career. Avoid using jargon and acronyms.
    • Paint a Picture. Use the AALL Brochure as an information guide or a reference for messaging the benefits of AALL.
    • Make It a Game. Set a goal that you want to exceed. Better yet, “compete” against a few other members.
    • Focus on Benefits, Not Features. Explain why AALL membership helps you solve problems; ask prospective members what they need to do their best job.
    • Utilize AALLNET. What better way to illustrate all of the features of membership?
    • Get Social. Spread the word about AALL and the profession through your social media accounts.
    • Be Prepared. Always have an MGAM referral card handy.
    • Keep a Record. Make a list of the members you recruit.

  • Resources


    AALL Membership Brochure

    AALL brochure cover featuring two members

    Referral Cards

    Customize the PDF template to make personalized referral cards with your name. The template is compatible with Avery Business Cards #5371 Business Cards.

    Member-get-a-member fillable referral cards